CoveyPak Small

CoveyPak Small
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NOTE: ~CoveyPaks are available for the 2017/2018 Season~

We are currently taking orders for the CoveyPaks!

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Our small "CoveyPak" contains 8, (14-16) weeks of age and up, Mature Premium Flight Ready and Weather Conditioned Northern Bobwhite Quail! Our quail are fully feathered and have been raised on a nutritional program that excludes any medications.

14-16 week old and up quail are mature and very strong flyers combined with stamina. 16 weeks of age is considered adult in the bobwhite. At this age their bone and muscle growth needs have been met. The average adult bobwhite will weight 6-8 ounces.

Adult bobwhite are very colorful in their feathering, at this age the male's dominant white brow band and throat color really stands out and the female's buff coloring is very prominent. The "CoveyPak" will contain males and females, but are loaded on a straight-run basis. We do offer the service of Custom Gender Selection for your quail order for a fee, see Options to add this service.

Each "CoveyPak" also includes a STARTER KIT! In the Starter Kit you will find what you need for a turn-key successful release project.

In the Starter Kit is a 8 oz. bag of their special feed ration, a box knife to score and cut open an exit door for the quail. Also, a location marking ribbon, a package of Vita-Plus water additive, along with a booklet of recommendations and tips for release and care for your quail upon arrival.

The adult flight ready and weather conditioned quail is the best choice for direct release to hunt, also for a multitude of choices, like dog training, release to re-populate, or release on your property to simply enjoy the sounds and songs of the wild bobwhite!
The adult bobwhite's have a wide range of vocals including the popular male's "Bobwhite" whistle!

Don't forget the "CoveyPak" makes a great gift for the bird dog trainer in your life or wildlife enthusiast.

Purchase Price for our Small CoveyPak is a Total Delivered Price which includes:

  • Express Mail Shipping through US Mail
  • 8 Bobwhite Quail
  • Bio-Secure Shipping Container
  • Travel Nutrition Source
  • Legal Acquisition and Health Papers
  • Starter Kit
  • Caring Tips and Release Recommendations
  • 100% Guarantee of Live Delivery

Shipping days are usually each Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, shipped Express US Mail only, with 100% LIVE guarantee on the receiving end. Express mail is a two day service, if we ship your "CoveyPak" on Monday it should arrive on Wednesday and so on. To read additional shipping infomation click here.